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Source Orb Versa Marble Spinner Cap and heat guard

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 Introducing the marble spinner cap for the Source Orb Versa! The Versa is an amazing new erig with milky hits and tons of features. This carb cap and hinge helps bring the device to the next level. One issue I have heard is that the oil goes up the side wall with the stock carb cap and quartz insert. Heat causes the oil to creep up the sidewall and not vaporize fully.  This cap directs air in a tight stream from above the insert, with this design you were able to direct the airflow at the side wall and push the oil back down to the hot surface creating huge milky hits out of the Carta with quartz. 
  This newest version has a heat guard for the top and bottom of the atomizer! 

    These come random color for now. I may list individual colors in the future.