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Silicon Carbide (SIC) Insert for the Puffco Peak

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 If you  I looking for a premium insert for your Peak that will last a lifetime, hit great , taste great, and never Degrade? look no further than this SIC insert. These are hand polished using my 15 step diamond polishing process that gets these to a beautiful mirror finish for a “non-stick” experience for optimal swabability a d cleanup ease. 

 This has the bottom hole inset for the heater to help keep it in place. SIC has a Superior flavor and efficiency compared to quartz. It’s Thermal Conductivity is better so it heats more efficiently. With a Melting point of over 5,000°F you will not a Chaz this with a Peak or a torch, ever. Silicon Carbide is totally chemically inert and thermal shock resistant so it will last a lifetime. SIC is a US Pharmacopoeia Certified ,  FDA Recognized Medical Grade material so it is insert .