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Puffco Peak Starter Pack

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If you're new to the Puffco Peak and looking for ways to improve it, all the options may be overwhelming. For this reason, I have created a Starter Pack featuring the products of mine that can help you get your Peak looking and performing better, all at a discounted price.

This is a special to get new peak users everything they need to get started with a basic upgrade. If you wanna take it a step further, add a ruby, silicone, carbide, or aluminum nitride insert to your order for the ultimate set up!! 

  You will get $25 off of the price of these bought individually! 


Every Puffco Peak Starter Pack includes:

1 Rebuild Kit ($40)

1 2-piece Rebuild Toolset (long-nose pliers and fine-point wire snips)($12)

1 Ultra-polished opaque bottom quartz insert($12)

1 Upgraded Magnetic Hinge($12)

1 Watertight travel cork($6)

 6 Assorted Terp pearls, including  Ruby, Zirconia, Ceramic, and Silicon Carbide Pearls ($12)

$94 total cost, -$25 bundle discount = $69 !