New Core 2 Crossingtech E-rig
New Core 2 Crossingtech E-rig
New Core 2 Crossingtech E-rig
New Core 2 Crossingtech E-rig
New Core 2 Crossingtech E-rig

New Core 2 Crossingtech E-rig

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     The one you've been waiting for... Core 2.0 e-rig with a black silicone sleeve and carb tether, 4-port spinner carb cap and V5 Heater Sidewalls and bottom heat for complete vaporization!
   The sidewalls and biotin of this atomheat up, and the entire thing is glazed so you can dab right off the new cup heater or add an insert for even lower temps! The possibilities are endless, and I’m excited to experiment! the new rebuildable ceramic coil for the Core 2.0 E-Rig. The RDA V5 Ceramic Heater works on the original Core also. The original Core coil atomizers work on the Core 2.0 as well.



Core 2.0 upgrades:

Four heat settings are now all for the V5 heaters
Fully rebuildable atomizers 
Decreased pre-heat time
Increased session time
Increased total run time (80 second full run time)
“Unbreakable” aluminum spinner carb cap
Improved haptic function
Upgraded Stainless Steel Carb Cap Tube


One button functionality for ease of use
Fully heated high polish ceramic vaping surface – elements inside base and walls of heater
Rebuildable atomizer
Vortex Airflow – Aluminum spinner carb cap with carb cap tether
Borosilicate Glass Bubbler
Stainless Steel Carb Cap Tube
Four carefully tuned heat settings
Isolated Aluminum and Glass Vapor Pathway
Low maintenance
Approx. 1 hour 45 minute charging time
3150mah Li-Ion Battery Pack.

What’s Included

Core 2.0 E-rig Base
Core Bubbler
Aluminum Spinner Carb Cap (based on our design)
Carb Cap Tether (black)
Silicone Base Cover/Sleeve (black)
Atomizer with V5 heater installed
Spare V5 Heater
SS316 Dab Tool (based on our design)
4 x Spare Atomizer Screws
2 x Spare Carb Cap Tube O-rings
1 x Wall Plug – US inside – UK included for UK orders
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
Cotton buds/Q-tips
Alcohol wipes
Upgraded Carry Case