OG Peak 6ea. XL Heater Rebuild Kit! (Perfect for the AiN)

OG Peak 6ea. XL Heater Rebuild Kit! (Perfect for the AiN)

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*This kit will come with 6 total XL Heating coils, four standard XL heaters, and 2 battery saver XL heaters* plus 8x Grommets and a rebuild jig.

The battery savers have a little bit different curve and cool off a little sooner but they use much less battery than previous heaters. They’re just try how you like it. One of them will probably be the perfect match for your AIN

      As most of you know I’m constantly tinkering, upgrading, and testing new things. 
    As our inserts got bigger, we originally compensated for the need for more power by increasing the heat. Some new and improved functioning inserts, work well with the additional heat.  Others heat fast but needed more surface area for a more uniform surface temperature. 
here are the new XL Heaters!

They cover the bottom of the AiN, and still work with the small quartz. 
most batches of SiC work with them, all future ones will. 
  And ALL Corundum (Ruby and Sapphire) are compatible and work better with these as well. 

Here’s a compatibility chart 

original stock ceramic = No

XL Quartz (both straight wall and splash guard) are not currently compatible, but I have been known to customize them to fit if you love them and gotta try it. 😉

SiC inserts = maybe, measure your opening, if it’s 13mm or more, yes! All future silicone carbide inserts will be compatible with these. 

Any standard Quartz (Not XL) =Yes

All AiN Inserts =Yes

ALL Corundum (Ruby and Sapphire)= Yes


If you want all of one kind of heater just let me know in the notes.